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Ecocasa Nupigeco

Ecocasa Nupigeco A wooden house, cost free

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Ecocasa Nupigeco

Year: 2011Castelguelfo TypeGreen Projects

TheNupigeco Ecocasawas built for the system manufacturer of the same name, with the aim of showing the practical use of some of its eco-sustainable building products that offer notable energy savings: a building providing a high level of living comfort and making use of the energy produced by the photovoltaic system installed on the roof, designed to guarantee class A CasaClima certification.

The building process involved various companies that produce the necessary components and systems. As well as sharing the project philosophy, they can also use the building for organising events and as a true showroom of their materials and technologies.

One of these companies isLignoAlp, that created the entire structure of the house (with load-bearing frame walls and wooden floor slabs) complete with an exterior insulation finishing system in wood fibre.

The building was designed as a two-storey detached house with two plastered orthogonal blocks on the ground floor for the living area and a part of the sleeping area.

On the first floor, the remaining part of the sleeping area is in a block that juts out and is distinguished from the rest of the house by a wood panel covering that emphasises and protects the entrance below.

The wooden structure links the eco-sustainability of the raw material with its excellent performance as thermal and sound insulation, as well providing the building with aseismic stability.

To reach the goal of a house that is self-sufficient in terms of energy and offers a high degree of internal comfort, Ecocasa uses technologies like the green roof for flat surfaces, the photovoltaic system on the roof to produce electricity, and the heat pump geothermal system for hot domestic water and summer air-conditioning/winter heating.

A domotic system, supplied and installed byVimar, manages and controls the thermoregulation and lighting systems, along with the movement of external closing devices and the alarm systems.

Used for conventions, events and product display, but also as a guest-house and to accommodate some workplaces, Ecocasa will be used throughout the year; this means that consumption and performance levels can be monitored in order to demonstrate that the goal of energy self-sufficiency has been reached.
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LignoAlp manufactures wooden homes and custom-built wooden roofs. Engineering the architectural project is our strength: static calculation and calculation of construction physics; selection of the appropriate construction system; changing an architectural project into a technical project and creating machine data; pre-fabrication at our production sites followed by proper and full installation.


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