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Customize the kitchen with the "Scrivimi" fridge

Rethink a domestic appliance entirely and transform it into an interactive tool, that’s Bompiani objective. The Made in Italy blackboard-fridge “Scrivimi” (litterally, write me) can be used to leave a message, write down the shopping list, note recipes, or provide an additional drawing surface to children.

Each fridge of the Bompiani retro’ collection is available in special coatings that look like slate: that makes it possible to write on and then wipe clean, without any damage on it. The funny aesthetic concept combines with a great functionality: its Multilevel NO-FROST technology maintains an appropriate degree of humidity in the refrigerator compartment and prevents freezing, thus making it unnecessary to periodically defrost the refrigerator. Thanks to the internal touch control panel it is possible to select the blast-freezing option SUPER, which halves food freezing times.

Corrosion problems are prevented as well: all the steel parts are subjected to a cataphoresis treatment that protects them from chemical agents and sea salt, ultimately they are painted in order to maintain a bright colour. Like the other products belonging to the Italian brand, “Scrivimi” has a bacterial filter, the Hygienic System, that purifies the air in the fridge, and that can be thoroughly cleaned with water.