Surfaces laying & treatments


30 years of waterproofing for Mapelastic

During its 30 years of market present, Mapelastic has waterproofed 350 million square meters, on terraces, balconies, bathrooms and swimming pools. The two-component flexible cementitious membrane produced by Mapei is in fact a guarantee to waterproof the concrete before the ceramic laying, safely and definitively. Among the fields of applications, there is also the sealing of hairline cracks already present in the substrate.

Mapelastic, in compliance with the EN 14891 regulation and the requirements of the EN 1504-2, is provided into two pre-measured components which must be mixed without adding water or other ingredients. The obtained mortar is applied with a spatula onto surfaces that must be perfectly clean, solid and previously moistened with water. The adherence of Mapelastic is excellent on all concrete surfaces, on cement based screeds and plasters, as well as on ceramic and stone material (on condition of being clean and well adherent to the support).

With the product you can level up to 2 mm thick in a single hand.
We recommend the inclusion of Mapetex Sel, macro-holed non-woven polypropylene fabric to further enhance both elongation at break and crack bridging of the mortar.