Surfaces laying & treatments


Mapei news 2017

Celebrating its 80 years of activity on the market, during the MADE expo (March 8 to 11), Mapei presented several new solutions for building industry and interior architecture.

  • Systems for LVT

Among the products designed for the interiors, Mapei proposes the systems for the installation of the LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles). Among them, Ultrabond ECO MS 4 LVT is suitable for the installation of floor LVT, even in moist environments. It consists of the reactive monocomponent adhesive based on silylated polymer Ultrabond ECO MS 4 LVT and the slip resistant finish Mapecoat 4 LVT, as well as products for the preparation of substrates and sealing which are suitable for these types of applications. The version Ultrabond ECO MS 4 LVT Wall is instead recommended for wall LVT.

  • Resin and cementitious flooring

Mapefloor Comfort System is for continuous resin floors. Thanks to its acoustic absorption properties, it is recommended for environments in which the noise level must be reduced. Ultratop Loft is instead aimed for continuous cement flooring, and consists of a monocomponent paste that allows you to create special decorative effects and give the environment a refined atmosphere.

  • Wall finishing and thermal insulation

For all internal and external surfaces, Mapei offers the new Master Collection, consisting of 1,002 colors. They expanded the family of water-based paints with the introduction of the mural enamel Dursilite Gloss, based on acrylic resins modified to smooth and semi-glossy effect. It is applicable on all surfaces, even those already painted; it is resistant to washing and stains can be easily removed; it is particularly suitable for the protection and decoration of interior environments subject to wear and frequent cleaning.

Mapetherm System is the system for the coating thermal insulation of buildings, which ensure the reduction of energy consumption and increase living comfort, while Mapetherm Flex RP, flexible smoothing resistant to shock and biological attacks, is indicated for the recovery of coats with cracks, molds and algae, and for the protection of critical areas such as parts exposed to impacts or stresses.


  • Products for the ceramics and the acoustic insulation of buildings

Among the proposals for the installation of ceramic tiles and stone materials, there are the range of colored joints Set the Mood and the lightened stickers Ultralite.

For the acoustic absorption of footsteps noises of buildings, Mapei has also two systems: Mapesilent, suitable for the creation of floating screeds before the installation of any kind of flooring; Mapesonic CR, the system that can be applied on old floors before the installation of tiles made of ceramic, stone material, multi-layer and resilient parquets.

  • Products for the parquet

Finally there are the solutions for parquets: the adhesives Ultrabond - made of silylated polymers and with a very low emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) - have exceptional viscosity and workability and an excellent ridge holding. The Ultrabond Eco S968 1K belongs to this family: it is a single-component, it is adhesive, solvent-free, useful for the installation of any kind of prefinished solid parquet, on any type of substrate, including heated screeds.