Wall and Floor Coverings


The reconstructed stone becomes a “piece of furniture” with Colmef

PIETRE D’ARREDO is a COLMEF brand dedicated to the production of reconstructed stone systems: the range of products reproduces the shapes and colors of natural stone by using raw materials and an exclusive technological process. These are all unique items for walls, floors and finishes inspired by natural stone, handmade bricks and woods.

The systems includes all the products for the installation: in particular, adhesives and sealants, which contribute to give a warranty of 50 years to the entire range. With the systems PIETRACOMFORT and AIRSYSTEM, you can then lay the tiles on the external insulation and walls with rising damp problems.

PIETRE D’ARREDO was born in Umbria, in the green heart of Italy. In this territory, the history and culture of stone, besides the tradition of building, are the basis of the artisan identity of our ancestors, who created medieval villages of enchanting and eternal beauty by carving and shaping the stone.