MC Chronicles: Biennale Architecture 2016

The 15th International Architecture Exhibition "Reporting From the Front", organized by La Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta and curated by Alejandro Aravena (Pritzker Prize 2016), has closed on November 27th.

The Exhibition, which lasted 6 months, registered 260,000 visitors (exact figure: 259,725), on top of the 14,180 visitors of the preview days. These figures mark an increase of 14% and 16% respectively when compared to the 228,000 visitors and 12,214 preview attendants of 2014.

"Aravena’s Exhibition will be remembered: it offered many inspiring moments to reflect upon the possibility for the civil society to better organise the spaces where people live, whether in the heart of cities or their margins." - stated Chairman Paolo Baratta.

Besides National Participations and Collateral Events, special initiatives took place over the course of the Exhibition.

The Urban Age Conference, which is usually held in cities around the world, accepted the invitation to be hosted in Venice on July 14th and 15th. For the occasion, the London School of Economics and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft organised a Pavilion at the Sale d’Armi in the Arsenale, Report from Cities: Conflicts of an Urban Age (curated by Ricky Burdett), in view of the Habitat III - United Nations world conference, held in Quito, Ecuador (17-20 October 2016).

This year also saw the addition of the Applied Arts Pavilion, in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, with an exhibition titled A World of Fragile Parts (curated by Brendan Cormier), and the Special Project Reporting from Marghera and Other Waterfronts (curated by Stefano Recalcati), on display at the Forte Marghera Pavilion (Mestre, Venice).

The Exhibition comprised a series of Meetings on Architecture, a programme of events on the themes and case studies on display at the Exhibition. These took place through the opening period and involved the architects and participants in the International Exhibition, and were organised with the support of Rolex.

Here's "Reporting From The Front" saw through the eyes of MaterialiCasa and condensed in a video.