Oggi's Box Room: when a wooden box becomes a room

Situated at the interior of a modern townhouse of the Maltese city Sliema, Oggi’s Box Room looks like a real and typical wooden box, solid and monochromatic, located at the central space, keeping a harmonious design with an ingenious concept.

Different and versatile, the design created by Valentino Architects explores different functions by converging them in a unique element. The panels fold up and stack at the interior, by disappearing at the same side, in order to reveal a sofa with coffered base.

A desk and a library are in the background. The hidden resources continue with an angle of comfort and a wardrobe space, everything organized in wood and folding panels. A stair, incorporated in the structure, brings into the box roof, which hosts the bedroom area.

An object of dual nature: closure against overture, tradition against contemporaneity, and day against night.