Skychrome pavilion: the superiority of colour over the form

Part of the ArchMoscow exhibition held in Moscow in May, Skychrome pavilion was created by Maxim Kashin Architects with the aim to immerse the visitor into the world of the abstract objectless space, essential to the ideas of Suprematism, to show the superiority of colour over the form and the pure geometry of space, free from the functional and semantic load. 

Creating the concept of interior design, Maxim used this theory as the main idea to create an environment where one may feel himself or herself free. He also wanted to design space that influences the perception of regular forms

The monochromatic pavilion has a purple gradient background, where dark purple fades slowly into light purple thus creating a three-dimensional perception of the space. Maxim decided to work with only one color to strengthen the perception of abstract space and focus visitor’s attention on it only. Geometrical shapes used in the pavilion are mainly triangles and rectangles and are placed on different levels to create volume, emphasizing the effect of color gradient and let the visitors interact with space - sit and walk around. The floor is a mirrored surface to enlarge the space.