Wedi challenges designers at the Archicreativeday

Ten architecture studios are going to interpret the extruded polystyrene panels. This is the creative challenge launched by the German company expert in dry construction systems for the bathroom, which on March 17, in Ornago (MB), will test the creativity of the designers in the creation of a “luminous object”.

Organized with the brand of wall coverings Élitis, the so-called “Archicreativeday” has a twofold aim: on the one hand, encouraging designers to confront each other; on the other hand, showing the versatility of Wedi materials, testing them in environments different from its usual one (the bathroom).

Designed for the smart design of showers, beauty spas and wellness areas - their resilience, natural impermeability and lightness make the extruded polystyrene panels of the brand suitable for original design projects in all rooms in the house, also as an alternative to plasterboard.