Musa+ by Fiandre in Paris with “OUVERTURE - Savoir-faire en scène"

For the Parisian design week (Sep 6 - Sep 15, 2018), Zanutta France launches a new exhibition project “OUVERTURE - Savoir-faire en scène”. It develops over 12 months, mixing craftsmanship and innovation, with four temporary installations inspired by the atmospheres of the most representative artistic locations of the peninsula: Florence, Venice, Naples and the Ligurian Riviera.

The concept – created by the designer Gian Paolo Venier (Milanese studio gianpaolovenier) – will transform the display windows of the showroom in rue de Bourgogne (hub of the French capital) into the scene of the Italian excellence, revisited in a completely unusual way, between micro-landscapes made of architectural elements, “hacked” furniture pieces and tailor-made sets .

The first installation – inaugurated on September 6th – is dedicated to Florence. By using motifs and color of Florentine aesthetics, the showcase will be transformed into a refined setting, in which renaissance facades and precious interiors will stand out.

The collection of porcelain stoneware surfaces Musa+ by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces, besides four other design companies, will be used for the Florentine setting. It has an original and versatile character and a wide range of formats (slabs, strips, hexagons, squares, lozenges and rhombuses). Moreover, the combination of light and dark shades emphasizes a geometric pattern inspired by the marble decorations typical of the Italian Renaissance.