Oikos eco-friendly painting at La Biennale

For the opening of the newly-inaugurated Biennale Architettura 2018, OIKOS - famous manufacturer of colors for the building sector - has presented the latest achievements and projects, besides its new products, which follow the ethics of sustainability of the manifesto “Freespace” promoted by the 16th International Architecture Exhibition.

On May 26, the iconic Bianco Oikos was the protagonist of the event Venice Innovation Design, on the island of San Servolo. The President Claudio Balestri described it as the result of the research on material painting, which led to the development of 187 different shades that are white, eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free.

Moreover, they presented a project to redesign some of the internal spaces of the buildings of the Island, made together with the Arch. Giallombardo in order to redevelop the area and the exhibition spaces. The principle that guided this project was based on color, with shades inspired by the environment in which the island is immersed. With Oikos analysis on the relationship between white and material, an investigation has started on the features of the most common surfaces and materials in Venice. In particular, the analysis focused on the surface of the Istrian stone, the lime plaster and the Venetian floor. As a result, textures for decorative paintings on panels were created and showed as in an exhibition.

In conjunction with the opening days of the Biennale (May 25-26), Oikos joined another event, “Architects meet in Fuoribiennale”, organized at the Widmann palace by the AIAC (Italian Association of Architecture and Critics), entitled “Identities for a changing world”. The two-days event aimed at investigating the reactions of architecture world to the cultural changes that threaten the identity inherited from tradition. In this context, the Made in Italy history of the company was included as a successful case history, based on the values of past but projected towards the future in the name of sustainability.