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The architecture challenge: "inside and outside"

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For the first time in the history of mankind, 2007 saw urban citizens overtaking rural ones. By 2050, the percentage will rise on average to 66%, approaching 90% in areas such as Asia and Africa. Growing big-cities, densely populated urban areas just like ancient European nations, cities evolving into new entities, without any border, timeless but always connected…finally, difficult even to define. There is a need to reflect on those changes regarding both single structures and the urban sphere with its social and economic dynamics, at the basis of the gradual transformation. 

The link between the “indoor” and the “outdoor” of the house has changed definitively: the evolution of urban landscapes will have consequences on the design of internal spaces, on the concept of home itself, a space where to live and realize life plans.

Big-cities have to face a number of issues fostering the distance between dwellings and the reality around them: smog, criminality and acoustic pollution are some of the issues striving towards enclosed and safe spaces; it seems to be a way to escape from the surrounding world, far from its unsolved problems.

The new challenge for architecture will be to develop a new model, a compromise between the two tendencies. On the one hand, the creation of new volumes with creative architectural solutions that build a barrier between the “indoor” and the “outdoor”; on the other hand, the willing to mitigate this separation by integrating the urban reality thanks to a new concept of dwelling. A dwelling able to absorb what comes from the outside, and release its identity and essence; hence, an answer to new challenges of architecture.