Bathroom furniture


Material mix and minimal design for the new products by AQUAelite

Wall or recessed showerheads, shower columns, latches and shower enclosures meet an ultra-modern design in the new proposals presented by AQUAelite® at Cersaie.

The main feature of the new products for bathroom and wellness is the combination of different materials, mostly steel, plastic, techno polymers and thermoplastic rubber.

"Stainless steel is a material that has no secrets for us and finds a right and important recognition by the market" - the AD, Paolo Civelli, comments, by adding that - "for the new products we chose the best, steel 316, which comply with all environmental regulations. For the plastic pieces, we look at selected and safe polymers, used for food and pharmaceutical sectors too".

Moreover, the search for water efficiency and water saving solutions led the company to projecting AQUAring, a water diffusion system that, combined with the particular design of the internal showerheads and showers and the use of volume flow limiters, allows products to deliver only 9 lt/min, ensuring high performance with reduced water consumption.

The main principles of the brands, high-quality materials and green philosophy, are also stressed in 2017 new products: Ninfea, Club e Colonna 316.

With Ninfea, flagship product at Cersaie 2017, AQUAelite® starts collaborating with external designers. The concept is in fact born from a project by Alessandro Canepa, an emerging designer with a remarkable creativity. The various functions of the traditional showerhead are decomposed and then assembled, as you like, creating a modular system. The line consists of round "large leaves", different in size, finish and colour. The main feature of Ninfea is the personalized combination of elements, jets of water and lights: the perfect opportunity to create a variety of solutions for Home or SPA spaces.

Club and Colonna 316 are designed by the internal technical office of AQUAelite LAB. The cross between vertical and horizontal thin lines is the mark of the collection Club of wall showerheads with a brushed steel structure, with 200x200 mm raindrop showerhead. The brushed steel ceiling-mounted showerhead with rainfall and double waterfall jet includes the installation system EASY FIX. Available in different colours, it needs no recessed body.

Missing element of the collection Metal, Colonna is made of brushed steel 316 and has a single recessed body with double progressive cartridge mixer. The water comes to the user through two outputs: an upper spray jet and a laminar one that can be used with a silicone hose.