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Wellness and neurosciences for Starpool and Neocogita

The new methods for the body relaxation and the stimulation of brain activity go hand in hand with a neat design and an innovative technology, in an interesting multi-platform project aimed at the union of wellness and neurosciences.

Aimed at enhancing the psychological wellness of those who benefit, Nu Rèlax® & Zerobody® is the result of the interaction between Starpool - a company from Trento specialized in the construction of spa centers - and the experimental research in neurology of Neocogita, expert in providing customized services for the brain wellness. The concept behind it is the sum of the dry floating experience on the Zerobody bed with those of a true “personal brainer”, a program of six scientifically tested and guided meditative courses, available on the Nu Rèlax App.

The dry floating experience provokes a cognitive state conducive to meditation, accompanying it and amplifying its effectiveness that, in turn, activates important cerebral areas, making them thicker. Hence, the new technology is based on the most reliable traditional or modern techniques of relaxation, such as yoga, autogenic training, Jacobson progressive relaxation, biofeedback, mindfulness and floating.

However, the functionality of the Zerobody bed is also visually pleasant: its latest generation design conceived by Cristiano Mino unites the benefits of immersion pools, eliminating body weight, without having to get wet. Zerobody wraps the body in a heated water bed giving the feeling of being suspended and floating on a cloud. During the floating experience, the body stops regulating body temperature and gravitational position. At this point, the body is free to produce endorphins, the neurotransmitters hormones of wellness. In the absence of gravity is no longer the mind to command, but the body, which slowly reclaims space. Later, the perception of bodily boundaries vanishes almost completely, voluntary control dozes off and is replaced by a general wellness feeling.

This is a six parts program: relaxation to reduce stress, stability for the psycho-emotional balance state, creativity to stimulate ideas and solutions, calm, brightness and clarity of mind.