Bathroom furniture


Design and functionality for the new "Essential" by Fiora

The Spanish company Fiora, expert in solutions for bathrooms, focuses on minimalist design and maximum functionality by launching the new shower tray Essential.

Thanks to the NANOBATH technology – which transforms the trays in easy to clean water-repellent surfaces – and the innovative material SILEXPOL, patented by the company – a compound of silica and quartz – the new entry is non-slip, resistant to dirt, bacteria and mold, with a density of 1,900 kg/m3 and an absorption coefficient equal to 0.01%.

“Essential” is produced in fifteen standard measures with a central conduit made of stainless steel. It can be combined with the coordinated panels of the series SKIN to easily replace the bathtub with the shower and has a minimalist aesthetic suitable for modern contexts. It is declined in 8 colors, matched by a slate texture with a contemporary connotation.