Bathroom furniture


Frame: the furniture for countertop washbasins signed Simas

A simple and minimal design that winks at the ‘industrial’ style without sacrificing convenience. This is the design concept of the collection Frame proposed by Simas for bathrooms and other functional areas of the house, which includes furniture created to match the washstands Sharp, whose range has been extended to include 9 new entries, for shape and size - the circle is now also square, oval, rectangle, maintaining a really rounded design - declined into 11 colors with a strong personality.

There are two Frame versions available: individual or double pieces of furniture, with a retractable siphon to save space, a side bar that serves as a towel, comfortable drawers and an open base unit deliberately lower than the drawer to create a further supporting surface. The contrast plays between the sandblasted iron of the structure and the neutral effect of the components. Two mirrors complete the collection: the first one is rectangular with a backlit satin frame; the second one is rounded with a magnetic lamp.

The furniture has been designed by the made in Italy brand specialized in ceramic bathroom fixture to meet modern taste, in line with the latest bathroom trends involving cross solutions, increasingly inspired by the living area.

 *materials and sizes

  • supporting structure made of iron painted with powder with matt anthracite, sandblasted, unalterable paint
  • sidebar with towel function
  • individual piece of furniture (105 cm) with open base unit with 2 shelves and 1 press-open drawer (70 cm)
  • double piece of furniture (181 cm) with open base unit with 2 shelves and 2 press open drawer (70 cm)
  • 2 finishes for the open base unit, countertops and drawers: oak or gray ash combined with matt white
  • rectangular mirror with backlit satin frame (70x80 cm)
  • rounded mirror (diameter 70 cm) with coordinated magnetic lamp