Bathroom furniture


GRAFF presents the modular system M-Series

M-Series is a new recessed modular system, designed by GRAFF to offer new solutions for the shower area and facilitate the installation, making it more clean, quick and not very invasive.

The new series consists of a thermostatic mixer, two switches and the stopcocks that can be combined into a single and compact monobloc.

Thanks to its modularity, it is possible to create several combinations of switches and stopcocks, to meet different needs. With the switch it is possible to choose which outputs do not activate simultaneously, while with the stopcock it is possible to operate an output simultaneously and independently from those of the switch (for example: the showerhead or the bath spout simultaneously with the little lateral showerhead and the shower).

The installation is customizable: the components are piled one above the other, creating a monobloc that always disposes the handles at the same distance, thus enabling “tailor made” combinations.