Bathroom furniture


MySpa: a made-to-measure wellness experience

The equipment levels of the two new small MySpa products - Portable Spa and Overflow Spa - unveiled by Glass 1989 are worthy of luxury spa baths.

Portable Spa is easy to install, like any mini-pool, but is equipped with an advanced electronic control panel for controlling the full range of hydromassage, chromotherapy and temperature functions.

Overflow Spa is equipped with a system that controls the water-level autonomously, allowing constant, full immersion and complete relaxation.

The product's hydromassage circuit is particularly sophisticated, because it is based on an airpool system that ensures perfect bubble delivery.
The tubs are also equipped with a unique essence dispenser, which is designed for aromatherapy and is capable of suffusing the air with the desired fragrance.

The seats of both of the new MySpa tubs are equipped with massage systems offering different positions and intensities.

An advanced filter system ensures complete hygiene: on every model in the MySpa range, the water recirculation, filtration and cleaning function remains in operation at all times, even when the tub is not in use. The automatic ozoniser, meanwhile, keeps the water free from impurities, inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and eliminates unpleasant odours.

Technical data:


  • Reinforced acrylic shell
  • Steel base on load-bearing frame
  • Wooden perimeter frame for minimising system vibration and supporting the panelling
  • ABS base for ease of handling during installation
  • Polyurethane foam heat insulation and sound-absorbent panels fitted to the base and inside the panelling


  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Versions: free-standing, built-in
  • No electrical or plumbing predisposition required

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Cartridge filter
  • Optional sand filter
  • Automatic ozoniser


  • Electric heater
  • Optional heat exchanger


  • Control panels
  • Diverter knob
  • Air control knob
  • Vertical jets tap
  • Chromotherapy
  • Bluetooth audio system
  • Cushions
  • Internal ladder and step for safe entry and exit


  • Slatted grey synthetic
  • Oak veneer finish
  • Natural Wood


  • Structure
  • Reinforced acrylic shell
  • Steel load-bearing frame with adjustable feet
  • Polyurethane foam heat insulation


  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Versions: built-in with EPS panelling suitable for tiling
  • Requires plumbing predisposition and technical compartment to accommodate the system

Hygiene and cleaning

  • Sand filter
  • Ozoniser


  • Three different Spa Pack configurations: without heater, with heater, with heat exchanger


  • Pushbutton control panel
  • Chromotherapy Blower
  • Aromatherapy
  • Head-rest (accessory)