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Rubinetterie Stella updates Teletron

Teletron, which has been acknowledged since the mid-1980s as the best electronic, proximity-operated tap on the market, now has new styling, new technology and a new concept of use.

A new sensor, located on the tap aerator, improves usability without compromising styling, because the water outlet is entirely free from LEDs and sensors.

With its updated version of Teletron, Rubinetterie Stella, now aims to extend uptake of its electronic tap from public premises to homes, by offering mixers with clean, satisfying lines combined with the practicality of electronic systems.

Teletron technology offers significant water savings because its energy consumption is directly commensurate with demand, thus eliminating waste.

The new Teletron is available in various versions (round, square, hexagonal) and different technologies (single water, double water and with thermo-valve).