Bathroom furniture


Samo launches the new shower stalls for modern bathroom

America Quattro - born from the evolution of a brand's bestseller, America - is one of the new product that Samo, expert in shower stalls, will preview at Cersaie

The series was born in 1985, from an idea of the founder knight Orvile Venturato. In this new version, it has been revisited with 4 mm walls, for a height of 190 cm - sliding or shutter - available in different combinations: sliding corner or niche solutions, shutters with total interior/exterior opening, all matched to a fixed wall. Moreover, for the first time, the innovative UV-bonding technique has been applied here to a shower of the Collection Dinamica. The door release and inner glass wire are other distinguishing features of America: the entire crystal support plate component is compressed into the glass thickness, thus facilitating cleaning.

2017 is also the year for Zenith, the “tailor-made” solution that will be exhibited in new versions that combine a minimal style and a new design, such as the articulated and lifting hinge with steel body and glossy chrome finish, the sealing with magnetic gaskets on the glass, the chromed peg or the support kit.

Moreover, Samo proposes a coordinated concept of profiles, shower trays and columns. The model Acrux is in fact made of colours and finishes that enhance the three elements, which can be matched using the same colour range or a tone-on-tone. Finally, there is Grand Polaris: a sober and versatile shower stall. The aluminium profiles discreetly enrich the walls with retractable inner glass wire hinges.

Samo new products will be showed at the Pav. 29, Stand C1/D4