Bathroom furniture


Thanks to Wedi the bathroom becomes easily a SPA

A wide range of prefabricated systems transforming the domestic shower area in a real SPA, thanks to the simple installation of the shower tray with a pre-built drain and walls equipped so as to get supporting niches or seats.
The Wedi systems are specifically designed to be directly clad with mosaic, tiles or any other finishing material in a simple, efficient and clean way.

Thanks to the extreme versatility of the system’s components adaptable to different spaces and needs, these systems can also be used for renovations.

The building boards, completely prefabricated, are made of extruded polystyrene rigid foam, a waterproof material, but strong and extremely light weight. Besides, niches and seats can be tailored-made or chosen from the Wedi catalog.

The technicians who choose this system can realize independently even complex projects without costly and problematic masonry works, organizing tiler’s task and reducing significantly times and risks of the construction site. The extreme lightness of the materials facilitates transportation and accelerates fixing, thus reducing the weight on the exposed floor.

The materials are anti-seismic and insulated, heat-insulating, soundproof and guaranteed for 10 years.