Bathroom furniture


Valpietra technology extends into the bathroom

The object of increasingly high levels of stylistic research, bathrooms are now designed with the same degree of care as other living-spaces.

Styling and functionality in line with the latest design trends and new eco-sustainableresidential requirements therefore represent a perfect combination.

Valpietra, an Italian company headquartered in Pordenone, is rising to this challenge by focusing on the recovery of waste generated by the process of machining marble, to create modular, recyclable, environmentally friendly panels, which are ideal not only for living-rooms and kitchens, but for bathrooms too.

The special thermal properties spawned by their exclusive formula - the installed panels accumulate the heat generated by underlying heating systems and radiate it into the room gradually - and the typically high quality of Italian manufacturing are two distinct strengths of the brand's coverings.

The technology is available in several versions: Spalato Brick takes the form of regular brick-effect panels and replicates the texture and appearance of hewn Spalato stone laid without grout; the Spalato Wall line is similar but remodelled for irregular offset installation patterns; Ginevra recreates the effect of flake stone cut into small strips, and Panama replicates antique brick in its most classical form.