Bathroom furniture


"Vintage&more" patterns for Bathco washbasins

Bathco, inspired by ancient floral motifs, has launched a unique collection of washbasins in white or natural porcelain that focuses on the coexistence of the old and the fresh. Vintage&More collection is adaptable to all kind of bathroom and spaces according to the various forms and patterns presented by the range.

Large number of traditional fancies is moreover complemented by new designs, “going further” the simple modern-classic trend, to offer several creative possibilities, from a retro and shabby-chic mood to a naïve one.

The collection also includes the iconic marble effect, which reappears strongly as a must decoration in the interior design field. Batchco proposes two different declinations: a golden-tinged Classic Marble, inspired by the natural stone used to build the Parthenon, and the Grey Marble, elegant and sophisticated.