Bathroom furniture


ViPrint: the customization of bathroom with decorated shower trays

ViPrint offers design decorations to cover the shower trays Subway Infinity and customize the bathroom by using new patterns, natural effects or classic styles. ViPrint is the technology of Villeroy & Boch that allows you to create a ceramic shower tray with attractive designs patterns.

Besides the finishes that match the most popular Villeroy & Boch tiles, which can create an almost continuous passage from the shower tray to the floor (Inspired by Tiles), the brand has launched three new lines for a total of 20 different patterns that can be applied on all the standard measures of the shower trays Subway Infinity, in addition to the availability of tailor-made cuts.

Inspired by Geometry

A fascinating effect of lines that magically catches the eye: these decorations with geometric patterns and the graphic structures generate an effect of depth on the floor, creating scenes that hypnotize every time you take a shower. These elegant patterns, modern or classic, can be combined with any kind of bathroom.

Inspired by Nature

Nature joins bathroom furniture: the patterns resemble wooden structures full of character, realistic stone surfaces and iridescent shades of water, which are similar to natural materials. The fascinating realistic look of these decorations makes the bathroom a source of relaxation and wellness. It is an authentic mark for bathrooms furnished in both modern and classic style.

Inspired by Heritage

These are a modern reinterpretation of the historical motifs of the Mettlach tiles and a tribute to the famous ceramic art of Villeroy & Boch house.

The decorations ViPrint are available for all sizes of the shower trays Subway Infinity (43 models from 80x75 to 160x100 cm). Thanks to the enameled sides (in the basic color of the decoration of the surface), they can also be installed on top, as well as flush to the floor.

All ViPrint decorations have a special non-slip grit class A (PN12), which makes these shower trays safe and extremely easy to clean, thanks to the absence of joints. The colors of the patterns are durable and long-lasting, as they are part of the enamel.