Bathroom furniture


VitrA and Terri Pecora: the furniture system Plural

VitrA, in collaboration with Terri Pecora, designed a collection that is inspired by the ancient tradition of common spaces for bathroom and its rituals.

Plural, in fact, presents bathroom as a true real informal space for life, making it the new heart of the house. Terri Pecora designed elements with organic shapes meant to join infinite combinations for an intimate and personalized environment. The neutral color palette and the wooden details, generally unusual in the bathroom, lend a feeling of warmth and daily dimension.

The collaboration between VitrA and Terri Pecora aims to reinterpret the traditional layout of bathroom, besides encouraging new ways of using space. One of the main feature is the grouping of different elements of furniture, which ensures functionality by overlapping heights, colors and dynamic configurations. For example, some of the sinks can be put together in the middle of the room.

“Responding in an innovative way to the recent evolution of the bathroom ritual was one of Vitra’s aims”, Erdem Arkan, VitrA Design Director, explains. “We focused on the time spent in the bathroom and our interaction with the interior space rather than on products. From this research, the collaboration with Terri Pecora was born, creating Plural that is a reinterpretation of the bathroom as a sort of meeting space”.

The collection includes three innovative solutions for mixers. The first one allows installing the washbasins according to different angles, as an alternative to the conventional wall installation, to be integrate harmoniously with the surrounding environment. The second one is designed to allow the installation of washbasins in the open space of the bathroom, always maintaining a minimalist and clean style. The third solution allows the installation of column washbasins in free corners of the room, rather than according to the usual wall arrangement with an angle of 90°.

Finally, the range includes two mirrors: a vertical one, which can be rotated in the space between the two washbasins; the other one, put horizontally, can be tilted from one side towards the wall, thus ensuring different views.