Bathroom furniture


Wedi Fundo Integro: the flush fitting shower system

Being only 90 mm thick, Wedi Fundo Integro, the new system with integrated drain is designed as an ultra slim solution for flush fitting showers: a 25% less than the traditional built-in and sit-on structures, a feature that is particularly relevant for renovation.

Wedi Fundo Integro, the new high-capacity shower system with integrated drain, follows all the fundamental parameters for the construction of a flush fitting shower: flow rate (specifically 0.8 l/sec), water height, slope and complete waterproofing, ensured by wedi extruded polystyrene panels.

A ready-to-install solution that solves even the more complex working phases, making installers’ task easier and faster. Moreover, the package includes a large seal corner and grilles to cover the drain with a neat and essential design.

Fundo Integra is available in eight different formats and, thanks to the flat frame housing the grate, it can also be tiled with ceramics or particularly thin glass mosaics.