Bathroom furniture


Wedi launches a kit to create a floor-level shower

This is an “all in one” kit to create a floor-level shower. This is the new proposal of the German Wedi to facilitate professionals or DIY lovers who want to renovate the bathroom. Wedi Shower Kit includes everything you need to construct the structure, hence following the latest trends of modern bathrooms, such as the floor-level showers.

The convenience and speed of installation is implemented by waterproof panels made of extruded polystyrene.
Lightweight, resistant, easy to install and finish, these panels actually simplify the steps and ensure compatibility with any surface, keeping their insulating property even in case of damage of the surface layer. Moreover, the panels are tileable a few hours after installation.

The kit includes:

  • The base structure of the shower, consisting of a floor element with its drain (900x900 or 1200x900 versions)
  • The panels for walls cladding
  • All the accessories for the waterproofing and installation of the shower, including tiles and sealant.