Green Building


Muro Sicuro: the Ruredil line for renovation

Ruredil, the Milanese company specialized in building materials, launches Muro Sicuro (Safe Wall), a line designed for renovation, consisting of environmentally friendly products, specific for the restoration and consolidation of walls, ceilings and floors, providing  a long-term safety over time.

Parete, the first of the three versions of the line, offers product specifically designed for the masonry renovation: pozzolana mortars for the dehumidification and consolidation, networks and accessories to repair the exterior and interior walls provide a perfect adherence to walls and excellent breathability. Moreover, thanks to their features, they also ensure a reduction of the subsequent shrinkage.

Solaio offers tailored solutions for the restoring and securing of deteriorated and damaged ceilings, offering - besides the traditional concrete repair process with passivation of irons and reconstruction mortars – the structural mortars for the stiffening of the ceilings and the construction of the mixed wood/concrete, steel/concrete, concrete/concrete structure; finally, the FRCM composite materials for structural reinforcement and a certificate system preventing hollow bricks crumbling.

Pavimento focuses on the construction of screeds and subfloors and the restoration of concrete floorings in a fast and safe way, by proposing anti-shrinkage and structural synthetic fibers for the construction of floors without reinforcing mesh. It is also available a complete range of ready-mixed mortars for the restoration of internal and external flooring; dustproof surface treatments and flooring unifying products.