Green Building


SanMarco and PoPlab create "Parametric terracotta"

The clay shell concept that SanMarco presented at Made Expo 2017 is really innovative.

The synergy between the famous company of the industry and the digital manufacturing laboratory for architecture PoPlab (Performance Oriented Prototyping Fabrication Laboratory) that developed the concept’s algorithms, prototypes and molds, gave as a result “PARAMETRIC terracotta”, a new coating that becomes a parametric system applicable to roof, wall or floor, both for indoors and outdoors, aimed at promoting a concept of the brick as “texture to be created”.

Horizontal, vertical or inclined surfaces become three dimensional and make the light vibrating, giving expression to contemporary buildings.

The square tiles (30x30 cm) made of soft clay are available in the two families Pat01 and PAt02, with four different variations (three three-dimensional and one two-dimensional). The bending patterns progressively increase in frequency and height to compose facades which vary depending on the light, capable of raising the internal living comfort during the whole year. The folds reduce summer temperatures with their self-shading feature and extend the surface area to receive more irradiation during the winter.