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SanMarco launches Thermoreal® SM

Thermoreal® SM is an innovative insulating system from SanMarco consisting of prefabricated panels made from a combination of polyurethane foam, quartzite and soft-mud facing strips.

Thanks to this unique assembly system, the three elements are not simply glued together but create a single indivisible unit with extremely high resistance to the elements.

Prefabrication is performed in controlled factory conditions using standard procedures. Due to their small dimensions (1310 x 660 h mm, equivalent to 0.864 sq.m per panel) and limited weight (around 25 kg), the panels are extremely versatile in terms of logistics and on-site storage and above all quick and simple to install.

They can be fixed mechanically to any supporting structure, whether a wood or conventional brick and concrete wall or the reinforced concrete panels used on prefabricated structures.

The Thermoreal® SM system guarantees high thermal performance of the building and improves aesthetic appearance thanks to the soft-mud facing bricks available in the finishes and colours of the SanMarco range.

These characteristics make Thermoreal® SM ideal for both renovation and new building. Other advantages include durability and absence of maintenance.

Thermoreal® SM won the Klimahouse Trend 2016 award in the category of Insulating Systems - thermal and acoustic insulation (an award set up by Fiera Bolzano in cooperation with New Business Media, a Tecniche Nuove Group member company). The jury appreciated not just the high thermal insulation performance but above all the innovative contribution of Thermoreal® to the field of prefabrication, a sector in which clay facing strips are still laid individually by hand.