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A surface-shifting table for the start-up Mamado

A table transforming its aspect, nay, its surface, embracing the logic of patchwork. This is the new creation of the Italian start-up Mamado in partnership with Ecoepoque, which after the Longplate plates and the nightstand/table Typ launches a new user-customisable design unit.

Mosaicool comes with a surface composed by 36 wooden tiles, 20x20 cm size, that can generate always different draws and patterns, depending on their arrangement. Each tile gets fixated to the other by a special profiling and sticks over the base thanks to a magnet attached on the lower part.

All the tiles are printed using a UV technology and later refined with a transparent paint to guarantee a higher protection. The table’s feet and perimeter bands – 180x80cm or 80x80cm size – are made with solid ash, while top and tiles are made of mdf hydro.