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At Euroluce, Sol_03 by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan

The collaboration between the designer Daniel Rybakken and Luceplan continues. Thanks to it the Milanese company has already won two Compasso d'Oro: in 2014, with the lamp Counterbalance and in 2016 with Ascent. During the 29th edition of Euroluce, Luceplan presents Sol_03, a light solution of great scenic impact, the last result of the creative partnership.

«Sol_03 design challenge is to provide a hanging lamp that occupies a large physical space, orientable in space and with a volume reduced to minimum. A white translucent film or a metallized mirrored membrane is stretched inside a circular profile made of aluminum. Like a solar sail, an incredibly powerful light source projects a beam of light on the large and lightweight disk, both spreading and reflecting light. Thin poles connect the two main elements. By changing the length and the connection points of the two supporting wires, the rotation of the disc can be adjusted at any angle» - Rybakken explains.

Therefore, the lamp is characterized by a fusion of technology and contemporary aesthetics resulting in a new entry, light, with neat lines and an essential design.

* Technical info
Die-cast aluminum illuminating LED body
Disk made of plastic material diffusing or reflective with a mirrored finish
Disk diameter: 75 or 108 cm