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BAUX: the Curve and the Arch panel

During the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018, BAUX has introduced two new acoustic panels with a fluid design capable of twisting and turning the linear grids of the five original panels: BAUX Panel Arch and BAUX Panel Curve.

In early 2015, the company introduced the original BAUX Acoustic Panels based on the idea to shape something timeless, functional with endless combinations. The linear grid made it possible to create a modular system, retaining the sequence of design in both large and small environment.

As a result, inspired by classic architecture and monumental design Baux started experimenting with shapes and geometry with the goal to reinterpret the lines and shapes of monumental building, to combine the traditional elements with the modern day function.

BAUX Acoustic Panels are made from of the same natural materials as BAUX Tiles – wood wool, cement and water. The only difference is about dimensions: tiles measuring 1160×580cm, suitable to design beautiful sustainable acoustic designs for large-scale spaces.

Moreover, these panels are environment-friendly, due to the recyclable material. New collection includes 7 patterns and 20 colors to choose from, created to rejuvenate the largest of spaces and benefit from lower energy costs.