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With Stubetta, Cerampiù works towards customization

A small wood-burning stove, suitable for the modern living but at the same time linked to the real majolica stove tradition: this is Cerampiù design proposal, characterized by a certificated energy efficiency. The company sees Stubetta added value in the customization by designer and end user. There are three available versions: “Rondò”, characterized by a smooth rounded shape; “Chef”, conceived not only as a heating system but also as a cooking tool; finally, “Quadra” with its modern linear profiles.

The raw materials quality gives elegance and resistance to the majolica, handcrafted and matchable by the user according to model, color, decorations and accessories.

Besides the character of majolica Stube, the product combines also low consumptions and high efficiency, in a reduced volume that is also suitable for narrow spaces.

You can customize your stove thanks to Stubetta configuration tool.