Interior and outdoor furnishings


Cleaf presents the matt surface "Piombo"

Piombo integrates the collection Hyper Materials by Cleaf, the Italian company that produces innovative materials for the interior design and furnishing sectors. It is a new matt surface that retrieves its finish from the metal of the same name.

The use of innovative acrylic resins, applied using the Electron Beam Curing process, allows Piombo to have a low reflection of light - the index of the opacity level - and at the same time being anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and highly resistant to scratches. These features can be also found in the veneered panel, the laminate and the edge, thanks to an innovative production technology: the result is a fully-developed surface to cover furnishing and spaces, both for vertical and horizontal applications.

The studio Calvi Brambilla designed an installation in the CCube corporate showroom to enhance Piombo’s possibilities of vertical applications.

A series of screens made of Piombo veneered panels leads the visitor to the discovery of the innovative surface.

Decomposed and carved levels create effects that mark the compartments, made of two or three doors, where there is a mirror-covered side, which is decorated with patterns depicting models of molecules referred to the chemical element that gives the name to the surface.

The central space of the showroom becomes the wing of a theatre stage, which acts as a private space for the lateral environments.