Interior and outdoor furnishings


DecorFlou glass: elegant design and resistance

A high design passion for glass? The surface collections OmniDecor, for different uses both in interior and outdoor spaces, presents it.

DecorFlou stands out among these: it is an elegant and performing satin glass line, characterized by a high light transmission and a perfect diffusing effect but also by technical standards that make it suitable both for interior and exterior design. It is one of OmniDecor production’s main pieces, known for its anti-scratch and no-smudge, anti-reflective and corrosion-resistantsurface.

DecorFlou Design decorative glass uses patterns made with satin finish on one or both sides of the slab, with an ever changing range of decorations that can also be customized for specific design.

*Technical info

Dimensions: 2250/2400/2550 x 3210 mm, 6000 x 3210 mm