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Eau de Lumière: an iconic lamp inspired by the world of luxury perfumes

The inspiration comes from the world of luxury perfumes and their iconic shapes that, taken out of their context, can be freely reinterpreted. From this point of view, Davide Oppizzi has designed, for the French brand Designheure, Eau de Lumière: a series of lamps in high end fabric that, with full attention to fine details and chrome finishes, provide tailor-made lighting solution.

The fabrics search, shapes and combination of noble and innovative materials make the perfect for any space, from the most traditional to a modern one.

The integrated LED source illuminates perfectly, retro-lighting the interior color and the fine materials of the lamp.

The lamps are available in two different finishings: in wood (oak) or white Carrara marble, together with matching textiles in different colours. The interplay of different lamps materials creates a hybrid element. Two are the Eau de Lumière lighting solutions: pour Elle and pour Lui, a masculine and a feminine shape that draws the curves with choosen materials and in different sizes. The collection is available in four different formats and models, among which table lamps, wall lamps, suspensions, and chandeliers.