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The embroidery Chair: Cappellini 2016 innovation, Johan Lindstèn design

The four seasons are the protagonists of the series of chairs Embroidery designed by the Swedish designer Johan Lindstèn for Cappellini.

The four chairs are the result of a synthesis between the latest generation of industrial technologies and the tradition of cross stitch handed down over the centuries. The supporting structure is made of solid ash wood, while the decoration on the back represents many landscapes describing nature in different seasons.

In these representations, autumn is symbolized by deer with a structure made of walnut stained ash wood; spring combines a butterflies’ drawing with the white stained ash; winter pairs a polar landscape to black stained ash; finally, summer expresses the elegance of the flamingos emphasizing the chromatic shades with a structure made of red stained ash. Each armchair has a wide and enveloping seatback and an ergonomic seating to offer the maximum comfort.

The cross stitch processing with an electronic machine is the same of that handmade; this is made by a company operating in fashion and embroidery for over forty years. The machine consists of 12 needles corresponding to a color. The variety of colors of a panel is enhanced by the manual intervention of the operator that can substitute the distaff with different colors to create more complex drawings, with shades always new. Wool is the type of employed yarn, because it gives more body and a 3D effect to the stitch-work.