Interior and outdoor furnishings


L and XL versions for the latest products signed Foscarini

The reinterpretation of the main products of Foscarini lighting engineering goes on, with L and XL versions, to furnish also large spaces maintaining unchanged all “regular size” products’ values.

The iconic Twiggy, designed by Marc Sadler and inspired by the flexibility of a fishing rod, now grows “oversize” in the Twice as Twiggy version: a lamp of large dimensions, created for wide spaces, that maintains however the lightness and the flexibility of the original design. In fact, the long curved stem preserves a thin diameter, thanks to a steel cable hidden inside, while the lampshade, large but extremely light, is balanced by a properly sized base. A counterweight system allows you to choose the height of the lampshade, equipped with 2 LED boards to adjust the lighting according to the different situations and needs. The resulting effect is twofold: direct downward and scattered upward. Besides the floor version, there is also a Twice as Twiggy suspension lamp, with a large lampshade too.

Also Big Bang (Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez) rides the wave of the “enlargement” and with L and XL versions expands the strong scenic value by entering into important spaces, where it creates striking lighting architectures. The lighting engineering research of the brand has readjusted luminous intensity on the major dimensions of the lamp, using a LED light source that diffuses a soft and striking light even in large spaces. This is a technology particularly suitable for contract’s need - but not only - thanks to the long life of the light source and the reduced energy consumption.

Born from the observation of the spokes of a bicycle wheel, from which it takes its name, Spokes (Vicente Garcia Jimenez – Grazia Cumini) is then characterized by a soft and solid shape and a light volume, which contains the LED light source, filtering light in the space through the metal rods to create shadows plays on the walls. With the extra-large version, the multiplication effect is further emphasized.