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Alma Design seats: all about Greenery!

Elected colour of the year for 2017 by the Pantone Color Institute, the bright and joyful tones of Greenery decorate the latest fashionable interior design items. Among them, even the cult seats introduced by Alma Design: X Big, Amarcord and Marlene.

Amarcord is a small armchair with a fluid design, whose organic inspiration is perfectly highlighted by the green upholstery. Its figure, slender and cozy, recalls a thin leaf laid on a sliding metallic frame, available with chromed or varnished finishes. Its shell can be entirely padded or, in alternative, shaped with a combination of wood – lacquered or oak – and internal padding only. 

Marlene, on the other hand, rests its elegant design – a modern rendering of classic wooden seats – upon a polycarbonate composition that completely transforms its own perception.

Lastly, X Big takes on a contemporary taste where the embracing outline contrasts with the geometrical structure, creating a final result enhanced by the stylish bright green.