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Between technique and design: the new decorative radiators HOM

After launching in 2013 the first collection - created by the synergy between the designer Davide Vercelli and the company Rotfil (leading Italian manufacturer of electrical heating) - the new generation of decorative radiators and accessorize HOM entered on the sector’s international scene during the last Fuorisalone in Milan, offering now innovative interior design proposals.

The range is made of high quality and strong materials, such as ceramics and Lebanon cedar wood, besides revealing an energy-efficient core technology that makes it an ideal solution for warming garments, towels, food or seats.

«By observing the current heated tower rail», Vercelli explains, «I realized that they were objects conceived to warm the environment, so I devoted myself to the study of new type of products designed not only to warm the environment, but mainly as real drying supports and decorative radiators».

Behind HOM technology there is a sintered tile that incorporates a special electrical heating inside it and can maintain heat for a long time, by letting it slowly. This patented technology is one of the most advanced systems in the field of low consumption electric heating (1 hour of ignition consumes 0.1 kw/h, which corresponds to 0.02 € approximately - for the decorative radiators), created after three years of R&D carried on by the designer and the company in collaboration with Turin Polytechnic.

«Thinking about energy savings» - the founder of Hom, Mario Ravaglia, explains - «thanks to the know-how of Rotfil, we made elements that transfer the maximum heat to the objects next them, as quickly as possible. Their heating core has a remarkable thermal inertia. It means that if we turn on one of the objects for a few minutes, it will maintain and transfer the accumulated heat for tens of minutes once turned off (also depending on environmental conditions). Regarding the consumptions, it would be like turning on a traditional 100/250 watts light bulb for just a few minutes. The light immediately heats up and, once turned off, likewise it cools down fast; while the HOM products exploit for a long time all the power installed in the heat, even when turned off».

Moreover, by 2017, the range - made up of heating accessorize (power from 100 to 200 watts) - proposes real radiators (starting from 250 watts).

Among the new products: Xilo, made of Lebanon solid wood emanating a scented essence, which is stable and moisture resistant; MaxiXilo, the version with customized formats and power and hence adaptable to any environment; Terra, with its linear design, made of terracotta.

Furthermore, they launched the latest versions of the shelves Basic and H Pad, the heated tower rail Shield and the stool Zig Zag, which can be also easily moved outdoors being anti-frost and resistant to acid and salt attacks. Finally, H-TUB with its essential line characterized by the enameled sintered tile declined in three models, each one marked by a fretwork/decoration - H-TUB 101, H-TUB 102, H-TUB 103 -, which are also suitable for small spaces.