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Lacobel and Matelac 2020: a new line of glasses for the interior design

AGC Flat Glass Italia - AGC Glass Europe Italian branch and European leader in flat glass production - dedicates its new line to interior decoration, for the maximum personalization of different contexts.

LACOBEL and MATELAC 2020 is a collection of shiny and satin glasses that allows personalizing home with glass details, creating furnishings and renovating living space by including, for example, a backrest behind the hob, a table, a mirrored door or dividing walls to ensure continuity with the adjacent spaces.

The products of the new range can be also used independently on surfaces thanks to "FIX IN", an elastic and neutral colour silicone. If you want to make home furniture items to show your personality and style, you can order LACOBEL and MATELAC 2020 in your preferred measurements and release your creative energy.

The glasses LACOBEL and MATELAC 2020 are available in shades ranging from neutral and warm colours, such as White Pearl, White Pure, White Soft and the elegant and refined Black Classic, or more intense and lively shades like Green Sage.

All the shades, combined together, offer a wide variety of design combinations that allow you to create shiny and satin effects, with tone-on-tone matching and striking chromatic contrasts.