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Metal inserts for the pellet stove by Sergio Leoni

Sergio Leoni presents the new ceramic pellet stove Maria Sofia, embellished with brass or nickel inserts that amplify the lighting effect and make it elegant. The top metal grate has the same finish of the frontal details, thus creating a geometric effect.

With the new entry, the designer Monica Graffeo inaugurates a new range, which will join the original models designed by Sergio Leoni.
Besides the performance of the pellets that provides an effective and programmable heating, Maria Sofia offers a vision with a large flame and a noiseless operation. Moreover, the stove conforms to the standard Ecodesign 2022.

Technical Info*

Ceramic finishings: white matt, black matt
Metal finishings: brass, nickel
Power: 8 kW/h
Performance (min/max): 90,3%/92,1%
Heatable Volume: 196 m3
Dimensions (LxHxP): 60 x 126,4 x 60 cm