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Morelato invests on Swing’s modularity

Versatility id the key word of the Morelato brand based in Verona. Its maximum expression is to be found in the modular collection SWING, a perfect system for organizing any space, from the office to the dressing room, and which can be combined to measure and personalized with the addition of various elements (shelves, glass doors, wood with different finishes .... ).

The latest launched is the modular Swing: many modules approachable (open, with doors or drawers), cabinets of different dimensions and refined glass shelves. The modular Swing is signed by the Centro Ricerche MAAM, within the company. The structure is made of ash wood stained in various shades to liven up the mobile and transfer a contemporary touch to the surroundings. There are plenty of compositions that can be achieved by modulating at will the various elements of the line SWING: dresser, chest of drawers, dresser, TV stand and several custom cabinetry. The new Morelato collection reflect the essential concept of a tailor-made product applied to design.