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Olimpia Splendid presents the customizable stove MIA

Olimpia Splendid, company specialized in heating and air conditioning systems, has presented a new entry that combines functionality with a modern and attractive design. MIA®, the new pellet stove, aesthetically linear, can be in fact placed in every type of space thanks to its customizable and modular elements.

The product offers the possibility to tailor the style of the cover, choosing between the version “Vertical” with its minimalist design and vertical grids, and “Stile”, with its front lightened by the thin horizontal grids. There are four colors available - warm white, brick red orange, camouflage green and metallic tech silver - and several coordinated accessories, with which you can complete the heating space, such as the practical pellet boxes.

MIA® stands out for its thermal efficiency (average performance higher than 91%), with 3 different power models (MIA® 7.5, MIA® 9 and MIA® 11) suitable for different heating requirements.

* technical information

  • No. 3 power models - MIA® 7.5 (recommended for rooms up to 80 sq. m. / 229 m3), MIA® 9 (recommended for rooms up to 110 square meters / 300 m3), MIA® 11 (recommended for rooms up to 140 sq. m. / 380 m3)
  • Coating resistant to high temperatures
  • Capacious tank (15 kg) for an extended operating autonomy
  • Fire pot and brazier made of ultra-thick stainless steel
  • Programmable electronic control system
  • Integrated and adjustable display with an user-friendly leather strap
  • Double door with magnetic closure
  • Closure brazier ring made of “Glass fiber”
  • Multi-function remote control