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Alberto Meda signs Tubes Origami

After the award-winning Scaletta, Tubes launches the Origami radiator designed by Alberto Meda, presented during the last Milan Furniture Exhibition and winner of the homonymous  award, in order to rewrite the rules of radiator classic design and put them in a more appealing perspective, undoubtedly playful and creative, suitable not only for bathroom.

Origami "protects", warms and outlines the environment with sinuosity, with the aim of recreating the intimacy of the private space, essential for the human being. This is an articulated piece of furniture that aims at flexibility and creates different configurations starting from a curvilinear modular, in which solids and voids elements alternate around a “heating hearth”.

There are three versions, adaptable to each room of the house: a free--- standing version, that warms up and delineates the space as a real booth; a wall-mounted version with single or double modular that combines the function of radiator to that of heated towel rail; a totem version, sculptural and monumental piece.