Interior and outdoor furnishings


Paint your home with Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid’s unique use of colours, together with its avant-garde projects, makes him one of the most eclectic designer of the moment. That has caught the eye of B-Line, a young company from Padova, which proposes in its collection several articles created in collaboration with the artist. Furnishings and accessories are made for those who love an original style, and are suitable both for the domestic and the contract sector. In particular, Karim Rashid has designed Gemma, Oskar, Snoop and Woopy.

Gemma is a small armchair in polyethylene, and its shape recalls the one of the homonymous precious stone. Suitable both indoor and outdoor, Gemma has geometric shapes, albeit comfortable. Oskar is a rounded wall mirror inspired by the homonymous character of the Muppets Show. With a rotomoulded polyethylene frame, and besides its use as a mirror, its front compartment has two hooks can be used for storing and hanging numerous everyday objects. Snoop is a rotational-moulded chair in rotomoulded polyethylene and highly versatile. Suitable both indoor and outdoor, it has two pockets reaching into its legs and can be stacked to form a bookshelf of different sizes and shapes. Woopy is a hollow plastic chair - suitable outdoor as well - moulded in one piece of rotomoulded polyethylene.