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Panasonic introduces new solutions for "Smart Energy"

Just in these days, during IFA, one of the most important European consumer electronic exhibition (in Berlin until September 6), Panasonic is presenting to the international market the state of the art of energy solutions for residential sector.

The “Smart Life” corner stands out in the exhibition. It is dedicated to technologies and new low environmental impact solutions that make home “self-sufficient”, first of all the high-efficiency heat pump “Aquarea All In One H Generation”. The installation exemplifies a residential system for heating, cooling and hot water production, which uses air as a source of renewable energy. The series All in One ensures high performances even with cold weather (up to -20°C outside) and a reduced amount of energy losses, thanks to the stainless steel tank with a high degree of thermal insulation.

The solution Aquarea, together with the remote control system Smart Cloud for a self-managing of the heat pumps H Generation, can make you save up to 80% of energy supply costs compared to a common electric heating system.

Moreover, the “Smart Energy” includes the division Solar, with its photovoltaic panels HIT®, which optimise the consumptions together with the range Aquarea.

Panasonic started the production of photovoltaic components in 1975 with the development of the ether hetero-bonding process, which allowed the panels to be refined and the reduction of the loss of electrons on the panel surface.