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Piero Lissoni designs Waffle for Antrax IT

It is the first radiator designed by Piero Lissoni for Antrax IT and the first to perform with new finishes and materials: Waffle is a unique project, ideally combining technology, energy saving and sustainability with attentive aesthetic research. The heating body, made of a 100% recyclable cast aluminum, measuring 61x41 cm, is in fact proposed in eleven embossed powder coatings, five of which have been developed in collaboration with the designer, exclusively for this collection. Frag, Crag, Lrag, Arag and Mrag - these are the name of the inedited finishes - are conceived to evoke, even by touch, the historical imagery of cast iron radiators, which Waffle reinterprets also in the surface manufacturing process, characterized by a three-dimensional geometric texture.

Its material imprint, joint with a superior heat output and advanced technical performance, is further enhanced by the inclusion of a new wooden handle, which makes the radiator extremely functional in the bathroom. Both the surface finishes and the accessory, in walnut and natural ash, are available exclusively for this Antrax IT product family, making it a tailor-made project, also customizable in size: the Waffle module, with only water supply, can be replicated up to five elements, developed horizontally or vertically.