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POÄNG by Ikea turns 40 and updates

2016 is an important year for the iconic armchair POÄNG di Ikea: 40 years of success in the market, with over 30 million units sold worldwide.

For this occasion, the customized design multinational decided to expand the series by launching a new structure, with FSC certified birch or beech wood and six new linings made of cotton, leather or polyester, ranging from pastels to modern black & white effects with prints.

Created by the Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura, the armchair represents the Scandinavian design, which is able to combine organic and clean aesthetics with the maximum functionality. In fact, thanks to the shaped wooden multi-layer, it is resistant to daily use, as shown by the machine used to test POÄNG: it suffers a strong pressure of 1000 newton for 50,000 times, the same a 100 kg person would exert by sitting on the chair for 20 times per minute.

This seat has been appreciated over time for its several features, especially for its Nordic tradition that the designer himself recognizes as a virtue: “The reason that drove me towards Northern Europe is that in that area the design is characterized by essential and creative elements. Their products are pleasant, entertaining and relaxing both to be touched and used, and each one has its meaning and its value.

Moreover, Noboru Nakamura explains he discovered that a cantilever consisting of a U-shaped structure enables a certain oscillation if the molded plywood is used: this is how the first armchair POÄNG born. “A chair should not be an element that binds and holds people sitting - he continues - but it must be able to offer an emotional wealth and create the ideal conditions to relieve stress”.